Some Clarifications
Cord blood stem cells should not be used since they may "carry or contain" a disease of the child: NOT EXACTLY TRUE
Marco F, et al. "High Survival Rate in Infant Acute Leukemia Treated with Early High-Dose Chemotherapy and Stem-Cell Support". Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 18, No. 18 (September 15), 2000: pp3256-3261

In this study, 26 newborns which had not yet turned one year old, developed acute leukemia and were treated with stem cell transplants. Eight of the newborns underwent heterogeneous stem cell transplants and the other 18, autologous transplants. The results from the two groups were similar after a 5-year follow-up from the transplant.

Already today, thousands of autologous transplants have taken place for different diseases such as leukemia, lymphomas, etc.

Why should stem cells be stored when the chances of being needed are so small: NOT TRUE
The actual percentages for the need of stored stem cells cannot exactly be calculated because
  • We do not know the exact reasons for the appearance of cancer and other diseases.
  • Possible future applications are expanding in the field for stem cell applications.