General instructions prior to birth
Inform your obstetrician about your decision to proceed with Biophylaxis for the collection of cord blood at the time of delivery.

The specially designed cord blood collection & transport Kit (Kit) which you will have received from Biophylaxis must ALWAYS be kept at room temperature in a cool place and out of direct exposure to sunlight, at home prior to your delivery as well as at the hospital following the cord blood collection.

Please thoroughly review and sign the documents which are required to accompany the cord blood sample. It will be more convenient if you complete the documents prior to the delivery and leave incomplete only the sections pertaining to your newborn which can be completed the day of birth, prior to courier pick up of the Kit.

You should ensure that you bring with you the Kit and the accompanying folder to the Maternity hospital. It is recommended that you place them with your personal belongings which you will take with you to the hospital.

When you arrive at the hospital ensure that you hand over your Kit to your obstetrician or midwife. You should hold onto the folder containing the documents.

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