Specially Designed Temperature Controlled Kit
Biophylaxis has given special care to the cord blood collection and transport Kit and has chosen specially designed components which are certified by foreign experts in this particular field. It is especially critical during transport to ensure the maximum possible protection against possible damage and temperature variation which is especially important in the climatic region of the Mediterranean. Towards this purpose, Biophylaxis' transport Kit is comprised of special materials which maintain the required blood temperature and meet the strict criteria of 15-25 degrees Celsius for at least 48 hours.
Outer Box

1. Outer box with labeling in accordance with UN & IATA instructions for biological substance transport
Temperature controlled packing components

1. 1,4 liter UN-approved jar system
2. Gel wrap
3. 6mm thick inner thermal box

Cord Blood Collection System

1. 250ml with 35ml anticoagulant Baxter blood bag
2. Safety bag
3. Disinfectant solution, sterile cotton balls, alcohol swabs, sterile pot

Maternal Blood Collection System

1. 3 vials (vacutainer)
2. Multiple use Needle with holder
3. Absorbent transport pocket system
4. Alcohol swabs & water proof plaster

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