General instructions following the collection of cord blood
After the delivery of your child and once the collection of cord blood has been completed your obstetrician will hand over to you the Kit containing the blood samples.

Open the Kit and confirm that it contains:
  1. the vials containing the mother's blood sample in addition to
  2. the blood bag containing the cord blood.
Place all your documents which are fully completed inside the special zip lock bag which you will find in the Kit. These documents are: The Service Contract signed by both parents, the Client ID Form and the Medical History Form.

It is imperative that the Kit is accompanied by these documents which entail the cord blood's identification. Should the documents not be included in the Kit, it is possible that pick up of the Kit may not be possible.

Keep the Kit containing the blood samples with you at all times, preferably in a cool and dark area of the hospital room until courier pick up.

It is your responsible to contact Biophylaxis directly in accordance with the instructions provided so that Biophylaxis may arrange for pick up. The Kit will be picked up only by an authorized courier for the transport of biological substances which has been assigned by Biophylaxis for this purpose.

In the case that the Kit is ready for pick up after 5 pm it is possible that pick up will be made the following morning. Special instructions will have been provided to you by Biophylaxis in advance, in addition should it be a weekend or a Public holiday.

Parents are responsible to place the completed and signed documents in the special zip lock bag provided and to close the outer box. They will then contact Biophylaxis directly to arrange for the pickup.

Caution: The Kit which now contains both the cord blood and the mother's blood samples must ALWAYS be kept at room temperature until it is picked up, preferably in a cool and dark place and NEVER refrigerated.