Packaging instructions for cord blood and maternal blood samples
Ensure that:
  • The needle has been cut from the cord blood bag. The cord blood bag has been secured with the clip and has at least two knots.
  • The cord blood bag is placed in the safety bag provided. (1)
  • The vials containing the mother's blood sample are placed in the special absorbent transport pocket. (2)
  • Place 1 and 2 in the cylinder jar provided (3)

Then, place the cylinder jar (3) in the special inner box with the thermal lining (4) which has been overwrapped with the jel wrap (5)

Finally, place the thermal lining inner box in the outer box (6) and hand over to the parents.

Parents are responsible to place the completed and signed documents in the special zip lock bag provided and to close the outer box. They will then contact Biophylaxis directly to arrange for the pickup.

Caution: The Kit which now contains both the cord blood and the mother's blood samples must ALWAYS be kept at room temperature until it is picked up, preferably in a cool and dark place and NEVER refrigerated.