Instructions for cord blood collection
1. 250 ml Cord Blood bag containing 35 ml anticoagulant
2. Safety bag
3. Sterile solution & cotton balls, alcohol swabs and sterile pot

Caution! The kit contains sterile and non sterile components

The procedure for cord blood collection begins immediately after the newborn has been disconnected from its mother and preferably before removal of the placenta.

Since stem cells have the tendency to migrate quickly towards the direction of the newborn, the area of collection should be close to where the newborn was detached.

Locally sterilize the area of the umbilical cord which will be injected.

Inject with the needle the area which has been previously sterilized. It does not matter if either a vein or artery is injected.

If the area which you have initially injected does not provide enough blood, you can repeat the procedure several times as required, always moving towards the direction of the placenta. Note that you must always carefully sterilize locally before injecting, so as to avoid infecting the blood.

It is important to collect as much blood as is possible in the blood bag.

The more blood that is collected, the larger the quantity of stem cells which are likely to be found. The minimum quantity of blood that must be collected is 80 ml, exclusive of the anticoagulant in the bag. (The blood in the blood bag should acquire a dark red color).

As soon as collection is completed, squeeze the tube so that any remaining blood can pass into the blood bag.

Leave as much tube as possible on the bag.

Finally, cut the needle which is attached and discard it.

Place and secure the clip so as to avoid any possible leakage, and for additional safety, make at least two knots on the tube. Do not use staples or stitches.

Lightly shake the bag so that the blood is mixed with the anticoagulant.

Place the bag containing the cord blood in the safety bag, then in the cylinder jar and finally in the special inner box with the thermal lining. Finally place in the outer box and hand over to the parents.

In the case that the placenta is prematurely delivered, collection of cord blood is similar as described above, with the only exception that the blood must be pushed towards the umbilical cord, by squeezing on the placenta.

In the case of multiple pregnancy, follow the same procedure for each child separately.

In the case of caesarian section, follow the same procedure as above.

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