Scientific team of National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) Demokritos
Dr. Photini-Effie C. Tsilibary
Dr. Photini-Effie C. Tsilibary holds an MD from the University of Athens, GR and a PhD from the Graduate School of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Her extremely successful career in the US includes research as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, UCSF, στο Dept. Pathology, Harvard University, and the Dept. Pathology, Yale University successively. In sequence she was an Assistant and later Tenured Associate Professor at the Dept. Lab. Medicine & Pathology, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, the latter being an internationally known Center for research related to stem cells.

She returned to Greece in 1996, as a Director of Research (equivalent to Full Professor) of the Institute of Biology of NCSR Demokritos. Since 2004 she is Head of this Institute and member of the executive committee of the Centre. She holds 8 international patents, is an author in over 80 research papers in international journals, and has extended participation in international meetings in many of which she was an invited speaker and also has had funding over 5 million € since the beginning of her career.

She is internationally acknowledged as a researcher and scientist, and has participated / participates in many peer review and other committees, international meetings etc. She is also considered an expert in the handling of cells, cell cultures, maintenance and maintaining the differentiation of human and other cells, etc. Dr. Tsilibary supervises the scientific team of BIOPHYLAXIS, S.A. and the preparation and isolation protocols and related processes for umbilical cord stem cells.

Mr. Nikolaos Tsotakos
Mr. Nikolaos Tsotakos holds a BSc in Biology from Aristitelio University of Thessaloniki and is a graduate student of the Institute of Biology of NCSR Demokritos (laboratory of Dr. Tsilibary). He has already presented part of his work in international meetings, and actively participates in the process of umbilical cord stem cell preparation, under the guidance of Dr. Drossopoulou. He has the required expertise and is extremely reliable in processes related to the handling of human cells